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    Ways to Use!

    In the hair..

    Any age, any texture of hair.

    You can use in wet or damp hair to add a protective barrier to your strands. Use as soon as you get out of the shower before any other product. You could also use to take down a twist out or braid out to maximize shine and softness in the style. Can be used daily on damp or dry hair to combat breakage and help draw moisture into the hair. Use on protective styles and on the scalp when needed. 

    On the skin..

    Safe for any age or skin type.

    Cream oil is so light and absorbent it can be used on the skin in place of lotion for a silky smooth finish that feels moisturized all day long. Unlike oil, this cream oil absorbs into the skin and doesn’t just sit on top. As a bonus you will not even have to wear perfume because the smell is good enough to turn heads all day!

    Even more features..

    Let us know how you use your cream oil.

    Use on your beard for softness and shine without the itch. Use on your child’s hair for soft curls. Use in your color treated hair to prevent breakage. Use in your babies hair to keep fullness and prevent bald spots.